Black and White App Reviews

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Need to kill time? Perfect app,and really fun!!


Nicely done. Heres a five star for you! Thanks.


Simple, clean and fun. Great app and its free so thats right in my price range.

Good app

AI isnt the best, but still a pretty good app.

Nicely done, but easy to beat

If you want to a stronger opponent install Morocco

Decent app but AI needs update

Fun game with great visuals but the AI lacks skills. A 2 player option would be nice too.


Prefer this one more than the others because of its realistic graphics; with a strong AI in future updates this may well beat the competition hands down for good.

Great bût easy

Looking for a little more challenge. I know Im not that good!


Change the name back to Othello... or Reversi - Black & White is just lame. Why is medium harder to beat the computer at than hard?

2 player mode?

it is a good game, i do not like the name change though. but how do you switch between one player and two player mode if i want to play against a friend. is this possible? the description of the application is not specific in this area and just says you need to beat your opponent.

Change name back to Othello

Game is fun but the name gets abreiviated on the home screen.


Fun game its a bit hard but fun to play its a good game and a good deal.

Othello please!

Why change the name? Black & white wouldnt even fit on the icon...

The game rocks

Its simple and fun. There are three levels of difficulty and I can almost beat it on hard. Good game


Game freeze after 2-3 placements.

Good graphics but current game is not saved between sessions

If you exit while playing a game, there is no way to return back to the previous state which is a fundamental flaw! Graphics are better than Morocco though, in my opinion.

Simple algorithm

Algorithm can be defeated from the first round even on highest level. Also on highest level it is extremely slow. You should consider other Othello- Reversi game or wait for update.


Free, but slow and too easy to win. Good for start

2 players mode!!!!

The best game! Authors please!!! Make game mode human vs human!!!!

Pretty nice, needs improvement

I think it would be better if I could choose to be white or black, and to choose the difficulty level. I love the look of it though. I stopped using Morocco because i like the look of this one.

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